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So What's been happening?

Discovering a world of New Sound

From electronic classic keys of the past to evolving soundscape pads. I sometimes wonder if there is enough time on this planet to discover them all! Probably not.

I am now experimenting with Epic Choirs, Italian Organs, Full Orchestral setups and some Thundering Drums to boot!

Thankfully the neighbours are music lovers.


Very excited to be working on a 'follow up' album to Creation.

Titled 'New World'

I wanted to revisit the similar idea of creation but utilising new sounds, rhythms and soundscapes.

Also it is great to be using retro synth plugins of the keyboards I longed for years ago which at the time, my bank manager wouldn't let me :)


Check back here regularly to find out what's going on at .

And finally.....

More goss coming soon !!

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