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Music Therapy

Making a difference... Improving well being... through music.

I believe that everyone has something to give to help others.

As Michael Jackson sang, it's "Human Nature"

We all have a talent or something we are skilled at, no matter how big or how small... it could be as simple as 'talking to someone.'


For myself, music is my passion and the opportunity to share my enthusiasm and skills with others, in the hope that their lives are enriched a little and enjoyment has been added to their life, even if, for a brief moment.


I put no greed or self gain into this. I do, because I care.


I am fortunate that I work with an amazing team at a residential care home for the elderly. It is a wonderful stage to share happiness and memories through music.


Through my site, I hope to share, and inspire with some of the projects that are planned in the near future.


Currently I am doing regular singing for our residents, covering songs both old and new. Always thinking 'outside the box' I will do unusual (but memorable' tracks) that are not always done by other entertainers. This has included songs like Mr Blue Sky - ELO, Kites by Simon Dupree and even had Bat Out of Hell - Meatloaf for Halloween! 

It's amazing when you see a connection especially as many residents are living with dementia.


Occasionally I'll do a dedicated artist show such as Cliff Richard, Elvis, The Beatles or a theme on a particular era.


Bringing out my box of percussion instruments is well recieved and adds inclusiveness as well as fun.


Using the large TV screen, I'm also able to present themed music quizzes, sometimes mixed with live singing and is a great platform to do biographys of particular artists or bands.


Fingers crossed for a good summer with plans for this years garden party and more special musical shows with Enchanted.


Bring on the fancy dress :)

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